The ‘Other’ Summer Exhibition

Adur Art Collective

19th Aug 2019 To 31st Aug 2019

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh

The Adur Art Collective, run for artists by artists, holds it’s biennual summer exhibition this year in the Skyway Gallery. The ‘other’ Summer Exhibition, as it is called, runs from 17th to 31st August and is a must for your calendar this year.

The joy of this exhibition is the cornucopia of artworks from all genres. Artists from all walks of life have come together for this vibrant show.

With certainly something for everyone and a palette to suit all, this year’s public vote will be very exciting. So, come and see what Adur artists have to offer and cast your vote for the one that has that something special.

Also Shirely Trevanna RI will be judging ‘The Artist of the Exhibition Award’, which also has a handsome prize.

Skyway Gallery are grateful to their sponsors and community partners