Giving local children & young people a voice to share their feelings & thoughts on the realities of pollution & climate change

18th May 2019 To 2nd Jun 2019

The Skyway gallery in collaboration with Over the Moon will be holding an exhibition from the 18 May to 2 June 2019 which will be part of a wider Reclaim festival with many events and workshops taking place.
With this project we aim to give local children and young people a voice to share their feelings & thoughts on the realities of pollution and climate change, and to open the eyes of the community to the problems the younger generation’s face. The gallery will work alongside youth groups such as Esteem and local schools and will display a variety of artwork created by a mix of age groups. Young people often feel ignored when it comes to the issues surrounding climate change, this exhibit will give local young people an outlet to express themselves. All the artwork submitted will automatically be entered into our competition giving participants the chance to not only have their work displayed to the public but also the chance to win a prize. There will be prizes for the different categories as well as a visitor’s choice.

There are 3 different ways to participate in the project.
  1. Designing and creating a sculpture of an animal out of recycled plastic. This would be done in a larger group (such as a class/after school club or youth group) over a period of months or weeks although large submissions must be made known to the gallery as soon as possible due to the gallery’s limited space, a visit to check availability is suggested. Please consider transportation of the sculptures is the responsibility of the artists.
  2. Making a short film about the effects of climate change using a smart phone or similar device. This can be done individually or as part of a small group, footage must not be longer than 1 and a half minutes. Please consider these films will be shown at the exhibition to public so children under 18 must have parental permission to take part.
  3. Submitting a 2D art piece of your choosing this could also be a piece of writing. This can be any art form such as a painting, photograph or collage as long as the piece is related in some way to pollution & climate change. These must have D-rings attached to the back for hanging purposes.

Prizes will be awarded on the 2nd of June at the end of the exhibition. Participants can also collect their artwork on this day. Please insure materials used are safe for exhibiting, please check for sharp edges when submitting artwork.To get involved please fill out our participation form.  Groups can fill out one form for the whole group. For further information please email

Skyway Gallery are grateful to their sponsors and community partners