Malcolm Hardy

An exhibition of paintings

2nd Jun 2018 To 23rd Jun 2018

Born in 1943 Malcom Hardy is a much loved local character who has run his shop Artist and Framers in East St, Shoreham for over 35years. He works in a variety of mediums from oil paint and watercolour, to line and wash.

This exhibition brings together a large body of his work never seen before.The work covers some themes that are close to Malcolm’s heart, including what he preserves to be the over development of his beloved Shoreham.

It was in 1961 that Malcolm had a chance meeting with a painter. ‘In the early Sixties I was fortunate to meet an artist called Arthur Pearce. I walked into his shed where he had a painting of a tree on the easel and that combined with the smell of the paint, I thought this has something to do with me. Instinctively I knew that I was going to be a painter. I went and bought paints and some boards and started to paint’

Malcolm taught himself to paint with oil and watercolour by copying postcards. He learnt techniques step by step that allowed him to get the image he wanted directly onto the canvas ‘without any fuss’.

‘Why not get rid of the problem which is what to paint and just rely on how you are going to paint. How you are going to mix the paint, how thick it is going to be. Whether it is going to be smooth, whether it is going to be rough, how much paint you need…. so I copied some pictures from postcards with the idea of getting used to paint. Once I had done that and got reasonably familiar with it I decided to start painting some of my own pictures and it developed from there. I had no formal training other than enjoying art at school.

Malcolm feels fortunate to have been able to continue to paint as he has all of his life and says… ‘I was able to carry on as I married someone who was willing to support me and allow me to do it.’

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