Lancing Art Club – “Take Two”

28th Oct 2019 To 16th Nov 2019

Lancing Art Club

The club was founded in January 1953 when the yearly subs were 10 shillings 6 pence which in today’s money would be 52½p.
Over the years venues and evening sessions have changed several times, now we meet at the Harriet Johnson centre in Loose Lane Sompting we have found this an ideal venue with good lighting plenty of space and parking facilities. We meet on Tuesday evenings but on the 1st of the month, we meet in the afternoon. On the second Tuesday of each month, we invite local and not so local professional artists to our demonstration evenings, this is a very varied programme and many of the mediums are covered. Non-members are always very welcome to these evenings and the cost is £5 and includes refreshments.
We had funding from the local Council to promote Art in the community and to date some of us have led art sessions for youth groups, girl guides and groups for pensioners.
We have a week-long Exhibition in August every year and our patron is Tim Laughton MP who often comes to open our exhibitions.

Our membership has a wide range of ages and experience, we have a shared love of art and celebrate a very diverse range of styles and abilities. We love to welcome new members and encourage people to come along for a few weeks free of charge to see if the club is for them. There is no tuition other than the monthly demonstrations, but we happily share tips, ideas and experience, there is a weekly theme to consider painting, this is optional but it does help you step out of your comfort zone when trying subjects you wouldn’t normally attempt.
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Neil Gladman

I am an amateur artist who joined LAC around 8 years ago.

Portraiture along with figure and form are my passions though from time to time I will go off on a tangent and try other subjects be it landscape, abstract or even sculpture but some how I always get pulled back to the hidden stories and emotions of the human face.

My techniques are self-taught and I will often work on second hand or used surfaces using a variety of medium.

Judy Bowers

Being part of a club has really helped me believe in my ability to paint albeit creatively, the demonstrations each month which cover different mediums has encouraged me to explore other ideas and techniques, especially acrylics. Recently I have been experimenting with Acrylic pour technique, collage and mixed media with resin.

One of my first acrylic paintings was ‘Ready 365/24/7’ this was from a sketch I had done at Shoreham Lifeboat station, ‘The Wave’ was voted the most original by the public at our Exhibition in August this year

Pat Knight

Pat Knight has been a member of the club for a couple of years now.

Most of my work is created by an eclectic interest in a variety of subject matter from industrial images to natural things around me.

I enjoy painting in watercolour and mixed media, often combining collage and printmaking in my work to push the boundaries. Recent watercolours have been more inclined to a free loose style rather than an accurate representation of the subject and I am enjoying this new way of looking.

Robert Barrett

Robert Barrett has been a member of Lancing Art club for several years now he brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas.

Sometimes I need pushing in various directions to try something new and to get out of my comfort zone.  I always thought that I just liked drawing and painting in acrylic, but have had fun in recent years using bigger brushes, collage, watercolour, charcoal, printing and even pastels.

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