Hala Sabet - Solo Exhibition

8th Jul 2019 To 20th Jul 2019

Influencedby her Egyptian roots and cultural background, Hala Sabet has always been fascinated by Geo-metry (measurement of earth), its origins and how it develops an infinite variety of possibilities and structures. Her work explores the simplicity of geometry examining how one can stretch its boundaries and break its rules to make sculptural structures and paintings that abstract representational reference.

“Composites” is an exhibition of her latest Paintings and Sculptures produced in the last two years. They explore the integration of the opposites such as chance/order, stability/precariousness, geometric/organic in an attempt to bring this clash of antonyms into harmony.

“Gravity” is a series of paintings created by letting forces of gravity and elements of chance define its compositions whilst retaining control through broad brush marks. “Favela” is another series that explored the random juxtaposition of forms and shapes in architecture. “Nubia” (a village south of Egypt) is the latest series of paintings and sculptures inspired by the life and culture of Nubia and its vernacular architecture.

Hala Sabet has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and MFA (master’s in fine art) and is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

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