Skyway is a contemporary community centred gallery space which provides an affordable context for the promotion of art and culture.
Our aim is to stimulate creativity, diversity and activity in the visual arts, as well as strengthening and promoting the well being of the wider community.

Skyway Gallery Launch Exhibition

The Skyway Gallery is proud to present four outstanding artists for its opening exhibition.
Shirley Trevana RI, Marilyn Stafford, Eve Shepherd and Katie Sollohub are internationally renown artists in their own right. Each of these artists bring a diverse and exciting collection of work to this 4 week exhibition at the new Skyway Gallery.

The gallery will be open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sundays 10am to 1pm.

Shirley Trevena RI has an international reputation and is regarded as one of Britain’s most innovative watercolour artists.

Her paintings have strong compositions, unusual perspectives and, above all, strength and vibrancy in her colour compositions.

Marilyn Stafford is one of the pioneering female photographers of the 1950’s. Internationally published, her work includes  portraits  ranging from Einstein to Twiggy  to street scenes, refugees and international fashion.

She lived in Paris during the 1950s where her photographic career developed  through the encouragement of her friends the photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa. She worked on a  beautiful and sensitive  documentary project of Paris slum children in the 1950s which is the subject of two forthcoming exhibitions in Canada.

Eve Shepherd M.R.B.S, S.P.S has been likened to a contemporary Rodin, and is predicted to become “one of the greatest artists of our time.” Eve’s work, portrays an exquisite sensitivity and honesty rarely seen in contemporary sculpture. Her work has the power to capture emotion and move the immoveable.

Katie Sollohub is a Sussex based artist who is interested in documenting and recording the places she lives and works in through drawings, paintings, performance, photography and poetry. She explores the narrative components surrounding objects, memories, interior & exterior spaces, brought to life with her spectacular use of colour and detail.  In 2014 she undertook a year long residence at JMW Turner’s House in Twickenham.