Skyway is a contemporary community centred gallery space which provides an affordable context for the promotion of art and culture.
Our aim is to stimulate creativity, diversity and activity in the visual arts, as well as strengthening and promoting the well being of the wider community.

‘Drawn Together’ Exhibition

DRAWN TOGETHER is a group of artists whose engagement with line, 
texture and composition has inspired their work. The threads of this came 
together whilst working creatively and experimentally at the Seawhite Studios. Although they have all previously exhibited separately, the commonality of their approach led to an 
exhibition at the R.K. Burt Gallery in London last year.

Their subjects are diverse, from large to small, abstract to literal, concrete to fanciful and from the imagined to the imaginative. Enjoying this experience, the synergy of this group has created an exciting platform to exhibit DRAWN TOGETHER, “Works on Paper” at The Skyway Gallery Shoreham.